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Menzies Charitable Trust

In 1992 the legislation surrounding charities was amended and it was insisted that organisations that were to be considered charitable could only have charitable aims in their constitutions. Before 1992, the Menzies Clan Society qualified as a charitable institution and benefited by so being. To continue to enjoy the charitable status it was decided to split part of the responsibilities of the Society into a separate body whose constitution would satisfy the new legislation, and whose accounts would be available to the public as a whole. In 1993 the Menzies Charitable Trust was formed. It has a minimum of four and a maximum of seven members. These are to include the President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Clan Society, a representative of the current Chief, a legal representative and a maximum of two others. On the formation of the Trust the Castle and its Gardens were transferred to the Trust by approval of the Annual General Meeting of the Clan Society. Shortly after, the Chief, David Menzies of Menzies transferred the Old Kirk of Weem, which was still his heritable property to the Trust as well for safe keeping. The Trust continues to administer the Castle, Gardens and the Old Kirk of Weem for the benefit of the nation.

Members of the Trust

Audrey C Menzies Paton (Chairman)
Ian C Menzies (Chief’s Representative)
Luke Menzies (Treasurer)
Neil G. F. Menzies (Secretary)
George M Menzies
Leslie Thornton

Making a donation

Castle Menzies always needs and relies upon generous donations from Society members and members of public to maintain its upkeep. You can make a donation online via the Trust's donations page at Virgin Money Giving. You can choose to make a single donation or a regular amount. If you are a UK taxpayer then this online process will automatically arrange for the Castle to benefit from the Gift Aid scheme.

Thank you very much for whatever donation you are able to give.

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