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Vestriarium Scotium

The sett - or pattern of lines - is recorded around 1500 although the tartan could have existed well before this time. In this pattern it features many crosses and the current version of the pattern is thought to have evolved after the Reformation from the late 1500s. It has a red ground with white check lines. Any red and white dice pattern could also have come from this source. For example the dice pattern on the top of kilt hose was worn with kilts of many different tartans and also by certain of the Scottish Regiments. Nowadays self-coloured socks are more usually worn with the kilt.

The red and white colours are said to have been chosen because the full-dress badge of the clan was the Menzies Heath - this heather’s flower petals have a red base and white tips.

This cloth will usually have to be ordered and minimum orders are likely to be seven to eight yards - quantity for a man’s kilt.

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