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Members Handbook

The new Menzies Clan Society Members Handbook has just been published and is now available to all members.   

This is the third edition of the Handbook which has increased in its scope and detail as the Clan Society has evolved since its establishment just over fifty years ago.   We greatly appreciate the efforts of Council Member Tom Stone who has compiled this latest edition.   Tom has certainly produced a very attractive and interesting 32 page booklet.

Packed with information and photographs concerning the Clan and its history, we are sure that it will prove to be extremely popular with members and their families.


The handbook will be issued free to all new Clan Society members and is available to existing members on payment of £4 or $7 US.

For UK payments please make a £4 donation via the Society website page: www.menzies.org/society specifying that the donation is for the Members Handbook.  (click on the yellow DONATE button, and you can pay with a credit card in your own currency)

US members can also pay $7 via the website as above or else send a cheque for $7 US, made payable to Menzies Clan Society North America to: Dr. David Mathewes, 323 Rough Water Pt, Canton, NC 28716. Please include your email address, in order that your payment may be acknowledged quickly.



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