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Joining The Menzies Clan Society

There are two forms to be completed to join the Society. An Enrolment form and a Menzies (or Sept) Ancestor Chart.

Click HERE for the Enrolment Form.

Click HERE for the Menzies(or Sept) Ancestor Chart.
      "I hope any visitors to this site who are of the Menzies name of the Sept names, or descended from any of these, will consider joining us and help in ensuring that the Society and Castle will continue to prosper in the future."

David Menzies of Menzies, Clan Chief.

The Annual March to Weem

Membership options :

1. Anyone who bears the surname MENZIES or that of one of the accepted Septs (listed here) of the Clan. or who is descended from a person bearing the Clan or a Sept name may apply to become a full Member. There are 5,10 and 20 year membership options, plus Life membership and Family Life Membership.

2. Family membership is for a family comprising 1-2 parents (where a parent qualifies as a full Member as defined in (1) above) and each of their children under 18 years, until their 18th birthdays.

3. Associate membership is open to those who do not qualify in (1) above but who have an interest in the Clan. Associate members may take out any level of Membership.

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