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North American Highland Games & Scottish Events 2017

With the addition of two new events, we had a very enjoyable and exciting year in terms of our Clan participation at coast-to-coast events.   Thanks to our volunteer Hosts and Hostesses, we have even more scheduled for 2017.   So collect your family, gather your friends and join us at a 2017 event or two.   And keep our schedule in mind when planning your vacation and business trips!    Don't forget to check for updates and newly added events in North America on our Clan website, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram sites.


2017 Events Calendar

March 4-5                     Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games (Phoenix, AZ) [Jerry, Pat & Doug Minnis]

April 6                           National Tartan Day of Washington State (Capitol Building, Olympia, WA) [Hugh & Joan Zylstra]

April 7-9                       NEW Arkansas Scottish Festival (Lyon College, Batesville, AR) [Kenton Adler, Lyon College]

April 8                           NEW Tartan Day Parade (New York City, NY) [Karen Kane]

April 8-9                        DISTINGUISHED CLAN & MCSNA Annual General Meeting (Sat, April 8 @2:00 pm) at Loch Norman

                                       Highland Games & Rural Hill Scottish Festival (Loch Norman, Huntersville, NC - Charlotte, NC Metro)

                                                [Robin M. Bentzen]

April 29             CANCELLED ---- Southern Maryland Celtic Festival & Highland Gathering (St Leonards, MD)

May 13                         Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival & Highland Gathering (Mt Airy, MD) [Rich Minnis & Robin M. Bentzen]

May 20                         Finger Lakes Celtic Festival (Farmington, NY) [Gordon M. Brown]

June 3-4                       Bellingham Scottish Highland Games (Ferndale, WA) [Hugh & Joan Zylstra]

June 23-24             Tacoma Highland Games (Tacoma, WA) [Hugh & Joan Zylstra]

June 24-25             San Diego Scottish Highland Games & Gathering of the Clans (Vista, CA)   [Linda MacFarlane]

July 28-29             Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games & Clan Gathering (Enumclaw, WA) [Hugh & Joan Zylstra]

Aug 26                         Jamestown Regional Celtic Festival    (Mayville, NY) [Gordon M. Brown]   

Sept 2-3                        Virginia Scottish Games (Labor Day weekend)   (The Plains, VA-Washington, DC metro) [Rich Minnis &

                                                Robin M. Bentzen]

Sept 9-10                      NEW Columbus Scottish Festival (Columbus, IN) [John McMinn]

Sept 15-17             New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival (Loon Mtn, Lincoln, NH) [Brandy Clarke]

Sept 16-17             Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival (Olcott, NY) [Gordon M. Brown]

Nov 30             St. Andrews Day/National Scotland Day - worldwide

Dec 2                           Alexandria Scottish Christmas Parade & Clan Holiday Social (Alexandria, VA-Washington, DC Metro)                                                       [Robin M. Bentzen]






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